Crafts & Decoration

ALEJANDRO DUQUE, stonecutting workshop

Educational stonecutting workshop: "The construction of the Aqueduct of Segovia" at Alejandro Duque's quarry workshop. After a live demonstration of sculpting techniques, it will be your turn to try your hand at stone carving. Then, Alejandro will explain how the Segovia Aqueduct was built, using three scale models which he created himself.


Sara and Bea, your hosts, are expert art restorers. ConservarArte wants to bring our heritage closer, sharing with you the knowledge of the traditional restoration techniques involved in the enhancement of our heritage.


São João da Madeira has an original and attractive offer of Industrial Tourism, unparalleled in the whole of Portugal. The visit of the local factories, industrial museums and sites provides an accurate insight of some of the most emblematic leading products of Made in Portugal: shoes, hats and textiles.


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