General Conditions of Sale

Before buying the chosen product it is important to read and accept these Terms and Conditions.

The use of some products and services offered on the web site may be subject to special conditions which, in some cases, are in addition to and / or modify the General Conditions of Sale. The acquisition of such products or services implies compliance by the user with such special conditions.

The user acknowledges having sufficient capacity to engage in a contract, and having read and understood the General Conditions of Sale. Access to and remaining on the website and its use thereof by the user implies acceptance of these terms and of the pages of additional information.

Reading and acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale is necessary for the use of rutasaparte.com web services, by checking “I accept the legal terms”.


About us

RUTAS APARTE is a trademark and trading name which is the property of tour operator and tourist guide Javier DIAZ HERRANZ (CIF 02525845P), with postal address: Av. Padre Claret, 12 (40003 Segovia) and email address: rutas@rutasaparte.com; it operates under licence of the travel agency DESTINO GRECIA VIAJES, S.L. – CIF B87226916 – with retail licence CICMA No. 3162, registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register (Volume 33262, Folio 64, Section 8, Page M-598605, entry 1), based at C / Comandante Zorita, 13 – 28020 Madrid, Spain.


Website content

The rutasaparte.com web site contains a booking and sales platform for tourism products and services. The General Conditions of Sale regulate the access to and use of the website and its contents. RUTAS APARTE can modify, update or remove such content at any time and without notice.

Any use of this website other than for its designed purpose is expressly prohibited in these conditions.

Any user who intentionally or culpably breaches any of the foregoing obligations will be liable for all damages caused.

RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to remove the profiles of any supply partners and users who do not comply with these legal conditions. Such suspension or withdrawal shall not give any right to compensation in any case.


Definition of Supply Partner

Any company or entity that, via a formal contract, offers a service or product to RUTAS APARTE for reservations and sales (online and / or off-line) through them.


Offer of Sale

The products and services offered by RUTAS APARTE may consist of activities and elements of industrial tourism (visits, workshops, events, objects and services linked to the tourism activities in factories, industrial heritage and craft workshops), as well as other complementary offerings: restaurants , monuments, nature or active tourism activities, accommodation  and so on. These products may be sold as separate visits, getaways or tours, for individuals or self-led or guided groups, or may be offered as part of a package.


The sale of products online, through the payment gateway, may require advance booking thereof, in order to confirm their availability, which will be the usual situation in the case of procurement of accommodation. The acceptance of reservations by the supply partner shall be subject to confirmation of availability of places by the same. Should prior reservation of a service be necessary, RUTAS APARTE may require an advance payment that in no case will exceed 40% of the total amount, and will issue the corresponding receipt which shall specify the service requested, as well as the amount paid by the consumer. The remaining amount will be payable, online or offline, upon delivery of the corresponding voucher or documentation. Failure to complete the payment of the total price of the trip or service under the abovementioned conditions, will make it understood that the user cancels their booking of the requested service, upon which the conditions provided for in the paragraph Cancellation fees. Right to cancel. will apply.


These conditions may be amended if the trip or service involves specific particular conditions, details of which will be provided to the user in the pre-contractual information. Such conditions may occur, among other reasons, due to the season or to time limits on requests for accommodation, for travel tickets or for confirmations and deposits.


Insurance premiums and administration fees for the modification or cancellation of reservations, if any, are not refundable.


The price of the service paid for by the user includes all taxes and any other expenses.


In the event that, before the service is provided, the supply partner is unable to offer it under the agreed conditions, they shall notify both the user directly, as well as RUTAS APARTE. In this case, the user may cancel their booking, being refunded only those amounts that would have covered the service. RUTAS APARTE will likewise be refunded all amounts that have been advanced to its supplier partner which are linked to the provision of the agreed service


Operation and security of the website

RUTAS APARTE will ensure the proper functioning of the website, the accuracy of the published information and the security of the website. RUTAS APARTE is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may appear in the information of its suppliers.

RUTAS APARTE cannot be held responsible, either directly or indirectly, for any damage resulting from misuse of this website or its contents by users or for any action taken on the basis of the information provided therein.


Intellectual Property

The tour operator Javier DIAZ HERRANZ (CIF 02525845P) is the holder of the domain name rutasaparte.com and of the trade name and brand RUTAS APARTE.


He is also owner of all intellectual property rights on its website, as well as the elements included therein, by himself or by assignation.

The reproduction or transmission of the website content for informational or educational purposes is permitted provided that the source is acknowledged and authorship is respected. Therefore, reproduction or transmission of the content of the website for purposes other than those mentioned is not permitted without the prior written permission of RUTAS APARTE.


The supply partner grants RUTAS APARTE the rights of communication, public distribution and reproduction of the content they provide through the website, as well as the ability to adapt such content to the technical requirements of the rutasaparte.com website, and also ensures their legitimate ownership and power of disposition of such rights.


The supply partner is solely responsible for the authorship and rights of use related to the images, videos and texts that they provide to RUTAS APARTE to set up their products and services, leaving RUTAS APARTE free of blame in case of any claim.


The supply partner, by accepting the General Conditions of Sale, grants RUTAS APARTE the right to reproduce and use their trademarks or trade names in order to provide the services described. Similarly, the supply partner authorizes the free use of images and – where relevant -of videos, for use for promotional purposes by RUTAS APARTE, through its web portal or other communications media.


Links to Third Parties

RUTAS APARTE assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the links which, through the website, give access to services offered by third parties, provided that they are outwith the website. RUTAS APARTE is not responsible for the information contained therein or any effects that might result from such information. RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally and without notice the links on the website.


User Privacy

By providing their details when making a purchase, the user consents to RUTAS APARTE collecting the IP address of the purchaser, as well as browsing data generated on the website, in order to identify any possible fraudulent use of the website. RUTAS APARTE may also use this data to provide content tailored to the user’s needs and to provide a better browsing experience. RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to modify the clauses relating to privacy in accordance with applicable law.

Regarding the treatment of personal details of its users, RUTAS APARTE complies with current legislation in Spain and in the European Union, in particular with the Organic Law on Data Protection and its implementing regulations. To do so it adopts the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which it is exposed.

The details provided will be included in a file of personal data that is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, for which DESTINO GRECIA VIAJES, S.L. is responsible, and whose aim is to:


  1. Manage the provision of services provided through the rutasaparte.com website and other websites
  2. To provide business information about services that may be of interest.
  3. To provide information to third parties for a better use of the service.

RUTAS APARTE is required to respect all obligations that could apply to its responsibility as data processor in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December regarding the protection of personal data and its complementary regulation, committing itself to treat data in accordance with those instructions received.


RUTAS APARTE agrees not assign, apply or use the data to which it has access for any purpose other than as expressly stated and not to disclose, transfer, assign or otherwise communicate files or data to which it has access, whether verbally or in writing, electronically or on paper, not even for their retention or storage.

The users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act by email to rutas@rutasaparte.com. The user will need to provide proof of identity, so they will need to submit a photocopy of their ID in the email.


The user consents to receiving commercial communications from RUTAS APARTE via email, by checking the relevant box when effecting the purchase. The user also agrees to receive commercial communications by registering voluntarily in any other section similarly provided for such purpose within the website.



The rutasaparte.com website may use cookies that do not themselves provide any personal details of the user. Cookies are used only for internal purposes, such as statistics of access to the website. Such cookies cannot read cookie files created by other providers or websites. The user can configure their browser to be warned when cookies are received and to prevent installation of cookies on their hard drive.


Applicable legislation

These General Conditions of Sale have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of Services of the Association for the Electronic Information and Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Conditions of Contract, Law 3/2014, of 27 March, which modified the Revised Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade, Law 34/2002 of 11 July of Services of Information in Society and of Electronic Commerce Commerce any other laws that may come into force.


The user is required to advise of any failure in the performance of the contract by the direct service provider, whether a supply partner or RUTAS APARTE themselves. We recommend that this communication be done on the spot or, failing that, as soon as possible in writing or in any other way that may be recorded.

RUTAS APARTE will have thirty calendar days to respond to communications received from the user, such term starting from the day following receipt of the complaint.


Where appropriate, when a dispute is not settled by consumer arbitration, the user may make a legal claim through the law courts of the place where the duty should have been performed.

The period of limitation for actions arising from the rights recognized in the consolidated text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is two years (Article 164 of the Royal Decree 1/2007)



Destino Grecia Viajes S.L, has taken out Travel Assistance Insurance that covers the customer for trips sold by RUTAS APARTE. We can offer users cancellation insurance and additional risks cover which can be taken out if so wished. Our website includes information on the insurance cover included in the trip, as well as the various additional insurance options for extending the original cover.




  1. Services sold by RUTAS APARTE and provided by a third party (supply partner)


  • Depending on its obligations in the area of travel or service contracted, RUTAS APARTE will be subsidiarily liable to the claim by the user in the event that the activity or service is not finally provided by the supplier, or that it is provided in an incomplete or defective manner, in form or substance. In these cases, claims may be made directly to the supply partner who offered the service, or to RUTAS APARTE. RUTAS APARTE will immediately advise the Supplier Partner by email, who will have a period of ten calendar days (from the date of notification) to inform us about the appropriate compensation to the user.
  • Will not be liable for misinformation provided by the supplier partner, but undertakes to check as far as possible the accuracy of the details and contents of the services offered by its suppliers. The supplier undertakes to ensure that the details provided to RUTAS APARTE are truthful and is responsible for communicating any changes or updates thereof to RUTAS APARTE. The supplier will be responsible for any untrue or inaccurate information and details provided in its relations with the user. All complaints regarding the quality or diligence of the product or service should be made directly to the relevant supplier.
  • Information on products may be changed, or they may be removed from sale if it is found that the supplier is in breach of the terms of contract and General Conditions of Sale.
  • Will be exonerated from any liability arising from the misuse, by the supply partner or a third party, of the trademark, trade name or domain or in any other reference which includes the term “RUTAS APARTE” in any type of public media.


  1. Services provided directly and exclusively by RUTAS APARTE


  • Will be fully responsible in case of failure to provide services (visits with our official guides, our tours and scheduled guided tours etc.), or if these are incomplete or faulty, as well as for any misinformation provided about the service offered.


Reservation and booking procedure through the payment gateway

The procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Select the type and number of products or services
  2. Enter the buyer’s details

III. Click on the purchase button (*), which redirects to the payment gateway

  1. Complete the payment details

The buyer will receive a proof of purchase to the email address provided. It will include details of the service or activity contracted.

In case of any problem occurring in the buying process please contact rutas@rutasaparte.com.

 (*)The sale online of certain products may require prior reservation in order to confirm their availability; this will generally be the case when accommodation services are booked.


Special rates for children

Given the wide range of conditions available for children, depending on their age, on the service provider and sometimes on the travel date or service, the conditions set out in the description of the trip or service should be consulted in every case.


Cancellation fees. Right to cancel


General conditions of cancellation


The user may cancel the contract by notifying RUTAS APARTE (rutas@rutasaparte.com) within 14 days of making the booking, without any need for justification or any penalty (1). RUTAS APARTE will then refund the amounts paid without delay and in any case within 14 calendar days of being informed by the user of the decision to cancel.


Provided that the right to cancel period as provided for in the previous paragraph has been respected, RUTAS APARTE will apply the following criteria for the purposes of refund of amounts paid in cases of cancellation of service by the user:


Number of days’ notice of cancellation prior to the date of the trip or service.


Refund to the user
15-8 days100% of the value of service or activity
7-4 days40%
72 hours and NO SHOW(2)0%


  • Administration fees. Generally, in the case of cancellation or complete change of a purchase or firm reservation (change of reservation names, change of product or destination, change of travel dates or change in type of sale), RUTAS APARTE will be entitled to receive administration fees according to the following scale, whatever the reasons for the withdrawal:

– Up to 72 hours after contracting the service: NO FEE.

– From 72 hours up to 7 calendar days after booking: 10€

– Over 7 calendar days after booking: 25€.


In the specific case of the booking and purchasing of services of accommodation, scheduled tours, trips and guided or self-organized tours, administration fees for the booking and cancellation of the requested services will apply depending on the time elapsing since the creation of the reserve, according to the following scale.

– Up to 72 hours after the booking is made: NO FEE

– From 72 hours up to 7 calendar days after making or paying for the booking: 60 €

– Over 7 calendar days after making the booking: 120€


  • As from 72 hours before departure, and in the case of NO SHOW (for tours and guided tours), cancellation fees will entail the loss of 100% of the amount paid, regardless of the cause.


Special Conditions of Cancellation for scheduled tours and package holidays.


1) Cancellation between 45 and 35 days before departure or start of service: No Charge

2) Cancellation between 44 and 30 days before departure or start of service: 25%

3) Cancellation between 29 and 15 days before departure or start of service: 50%

4) Cancellation between 14 days and the date of departure or start of service: 100%


Regardless of the days of prior notice of the cancellation or termination, there are the following exceptions in the following services listed below which have their own Special Conditions of cancellation fees, and whose reservation implies acceptance of these by the interested party.


  1. a) Special, rural and exclusive hotels. When the booking confirmation specifies these and their special conditions, a contract implies their acceptance. Confirmation of booking of such hotels constitutes acceptance by the customer of these. The organizer is obliged to duly inform the user of this at the time of contract.


  1. b) Airline tickets once issued as notified according to the deadline for issue as set by the airline. All airline tickets with tour operator fares have issue deadlines of at least 30 days before the departure of the first flight. Airlines in their respective classes and airfares impose a deadline for issuance of electronic tickets. That issue date varies according to the company and fare class involved. Destino Grecia Viajes S.L undertakes to inform the passenger of the date of issue set by the airline and as from that moment the cancellation costs of this specified service will be 100% of the cancellation fees of that airfare except for the airport taxes which shall in every case be refundable.


  1. c) Seats on charter flights and limited availability seats on scheduled airlines. When a booking involves any of these specific arrangements for flight reservations, this will be subject to the following cancellation fees:

1) Cancellation 60 or more days before the departure date: 0%

2) Cancellation between 59 and 30 days before the departure date: 50%

3) Cancellation at less than 29 days before the departure date: 100%


  1. d) Conventional cruise companies, yacht cruises, yachts, motorboats and sailboats establish the acceptance by the user of the following special conditions of cancellation fees, and contracting any of these services implies acceptance of the following conditions, not including boarding fees in any case:

1) Cancellation 61 or more days before the departure date of the service: No charge

2) Cancellation between 60 and 31 days before the departure date of the service: 25%

3) Cancellation between 30 and 17 days before the departure date of the service: 50%.

4) Cancellation at less than 16 days before the departure date of the service: 100%


  1. e) Boat and ferry tickets (scheduled routes) with a confirmed reservation. Confirmed ferry tickets and other boat tickets on scheduled shipping services as part of a booked trip, because of the conditions of booking and immediate ticket issue by shipping companies, may mean that in case of their cancellation or nullification by the traveller, these will incur 100% cancellation fees. Booking of such tickets constitutes acceptance by the passenger of the above conditions.


In the event that any of the contracted and cancelled services are subject to special financial conditions of purchase, such as chartered aircraft or ships, special rates, etc., the cancellation fees shall be determined in accordance with the conditions agreed by the relevant parties.


Modifications to the General Conditions of Sale

RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use in accordance with legislation applicable at any time, which will be duly notified on the website, and therefore recommends the user to check this regularly.


Customer Support

For enquiries, requests for information or complaints, please contact:



Correspondence Address: C/ Comandante Zorita, 13 (Destino Grecia Viajes, SL) – 28020 Madrid, Spain.




Alterations to guided tours

RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to modify the tour or visit if weather conditions or force majeure make this necessary or advisable. It may occur that the guide assigned to a specific tour is not finally able to lead it, in which case they will be replaced by a professional of the same characteristics, and RUTAS APARTE will undertake to notify users before departure.

Access to the inside of all buildings indicated on the tour route is not guaranteed if, when the visit coincides with public holidays, weekday closing or other factors, it is not possible to visit some of the museums or monuments on the tour.


Cancellation of departures on guided tours


RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to cancel a departure when a sufficient number of registered participants has not been reached (the minimum number required is indicated in the descriptive information for each guided activity booked by the customer).




RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to cancel a departure / return point without notice if, for reasons of a demonstration, building work or force majeure, it is not possible to access it.

On routes by bus or minibus, seats are assigned by order of registration, and all are numbered. RUTAS APARTE can not undertake that the assigned seat is always next to a window or an aisle, as this will depend on the size and seat layout of the bus.

RUTAS APARTE reserves the right to change initially assigned seat numbers for different ones without this giving the right to any compensation. .




INTRODUCTORY NOTE: The general terms and conditions for package holidays listed below are those applied, through its namesake brand, by the travel agency DESTINO GRECIA VIAJES, S.L., under whose licence RUTAS APARTE operates. These same conditions shall apply to RUTAS APARTE services for everything that is not expressly covered by the above requirements.


For the purposes of these General Conditions of Sale, the ‘programme offer’ is the informative document in which those details are included.

The ‘programme-offer’ is the description of the package tour contained in the programme / brochure which constitutes the subject of the contract of the package tour.


The information contained in the ‘programme offer’ is binding on the organizer or retailer, unless any of the following circumstances occur:


  1. a) That changes in such particulars have been clearly communicated in writing to the consumer and user before the conclusion of the contract and such possibility has been specifically included in the ‘programme offer’.
  2. b) That there are subsequent modifications, previously agreed in writing between the contracting parties.

Data Protection


By using this form to contact RUTAS APARTE the user is considered to have understood and accepted the PRIVACY POLICY and LEGAL NOTICE that figures on this website and expressly consents to DESTINO GRECIA VIAJES, S.L. storing their personal data in a file called CONTACTS/AGENDA recorded in the General Data Protection Registry, whose primary purpose is the data management of web users, customers, and suppliers to keep in touch with them.

Please be advised that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time and free of charge as provided in Law 15/1999 LOPD through our address: C/ Comandante Zorita, 13-28020 Madrid, together with a legally valid proof of ID, such as a photocopy of identity card, passport or residence card and mentioning the subject “DATA PROTECTION”.

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