ALEJANDRO DUQUE, stonecutting workshop

Educational stonecutting workshop: "The construction of the Aqueduct of Segovia" at Alejandro Duque's quarry workshop. After a live demonstration of sculpting techniques, it will be your turn to try your hand at stone carving. Then, Alejandro will explain how the Segovia Aqueduct was built, using three scale models which he created himself.


For wine connoisseurs, the name "Martúe" is a big one. The group owns several wineries, this one in Segovia, one in La Guardia (Toledo) and a third in Portugal. The Nieva winery was set up in 1989, as part of the D.O. Rueda, as a project to resurrect the winemaking tradition that existed in the village and its surroundings.

CELESTINO ARRIBAS Artisan Cheese Factory

Artisan cheese factory, with their own livestock (800-900 sheep). The product is only made from their sheep's milk, which are fed without compound feeds.

Cerveza SAN FRUTOS Brewery

The Sanz brothers are master brewers, passionate about explaining their craft. This microbrewery is the result of their knowledge and perseverance. The visit shows all the phases of production of their beers: the reception, production, milling, fermentation, bottling, labelling and storage.


Sara and Bea, your hosts, are expert art restorers. ConservarArte wants to bring our heritage closer, sharing with you the knowledge of the traditional restoration techniques involved in the enhancement of our heritage.

Fabrica de Charcutería LA VENTA TABANERA

La Venta Tabanera is one of the few surviving manufacturers of Cantimpalos ‘chorizo’ (spicy pork sausage) that still keeps the tradition alive. This chorizo has been made in Cantimpalos and the surrounding area since 1900, and is currently accredited by a denomination of its own, its hallmark and the guarantee of its high quality.


A combination of know-how and living art made in Segovia, industrial architecture steeped in history and in a fresh and relaxing natural environment, dominated by water and constant greenery, in the shadow of the monumental city and its walls.


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