This young company is committed to share with their visitors the ancient olive oil growing traditions and values. It is not by chance that this village has earned the epithet "de los Aceiteros" (oil producers).

Almazara PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS Olive Oil Mill

In the heart of the Tierra de Campos arises PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS, the dream of a family who pioneered the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in Castile and Leon.


A modern gourmet shop with a colorful design and furniture, distributed in 4 floors. It sells Iberian ham and fine cured meats and has a tasting area. Workshops on how to knife-cut ham.

CELESTINO ARRIBAS Artisan Cheese Factory

Artisan cheese factory, with their own livestock (800-900 sheep). The product is only made from their sheep's milk, which are fed without compound feeds.


A complete sight of the protected Mediterranean agriculture, under plastic, in a 2 hectare farm in Almeria. A place where new technologies and innovative environmental techniques perfectly match with the traditional farming know-how.


Enter one of the leading manufacturers in the meat processing sector in Castilla and Leon, through a complete guided tour of the production and packaging processes of hams and sausages.

Fabrica de Charcutería LA VENTA TABANERA

La Venta Tabanera is one of the few surviving manufacturers of Cantimpalos ‘chorizo’ (spicy pork sausage) that still keeps the tradition alive. This chorizo has been made in Cantimpalos and the surrounding area since 1900, and is currently accredited by a denomination of its own, its hallmark and the guarantee of its high quality.


Visit to 'Julian Martin' ham factory and a tasting-lunch of Iberian produce. A ‘must-do’ on any 'foodies' tourist agenda and, in general, for any lover of the good life.

LA PICOREA Artisan Honey

An artisan factory specialising in producing and packaging honey in the the Sierra de Gredos countryside. A place to learn countless curiosities about the world of bees.

Microalmazara SOLEAE Olive Oil Mill

SOLEAE was born in 2009 to maintain the local olive growing tradition alive in the south of Salamanca, preserving ancient olive groves and incorporating, at the same time, modern processing techniques and know-how in order to obtain a product able to meet the current market demand.

OLIDUERO Olive Oil Mill

Come and discover top quality organic oil, in situ, in an innovative olive oil mill belonging to the Matarromera Group and next to their Emina Rueda winery.

PRESUNTURISMO Iberian Ham (Portugal)

Premium Visit to a ham factory and a tasting-lunch of Iberian produce at Barrancos (Alentejo, Portugal), right on the Spanish border.


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