ALEJANDRO DUQUE, stonecutting workshop

Educational stonecutting workshop: "The construction of the Aqueduct of Segovia" at Alejandro Duque's quarry workshop. After a live demonstration of sculpting techniques, it will be your turn to try your hand at stone carving. Then, Alejandro will explain how the Segovia Aqueduct was built, using three scale models which he created himself.

Almazara PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS Olive Oil Mill

In the heart of the Tierra de Campos arises PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS, the dream of a family who pioneered the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in Castile and Leon.


A modern gourmet shop with a colorful design and furniture, distributed in 4 floors. It sells Iberian ham and fine cured meats and has a tasting area. Workshops on how to knife-cut ham.

Protected: Bodega CAMBRICO Winery

Certified organic vineyard and winery, under the DOP Sierra de Salamanca. Bodega CAMBRICO is commited to promote the local grape variety ‘Rufete' and their centennial vineyards, as well as the organic farming methods.

Bodega CYAN Winery

Hidden among vineyards on top of a hill surrounded by lavender, CYAN is the Matarromera Group’s winery of the D.O. Toro. The winery tour lets you get to know the terroir and the local grape varieties.


Visit the two wineries of the Yllera family in the D.O. Rueda. After a visit and tasting in the commercial YLLERA winery, you will move on to the EL HILO DE ARIADNA winery: an experience that brings together wine, art, history and mythology through an intricate maze of ancient Moorish cellars.

Bodega EMINA RIBERA Winery

On the Golden Mile of Ribera de Duero you can find this iconic winery of the Matarromera group, characterized by its modern facilities and clear emphasis on wine tourism with a fun and educational approach, through its Wine Museum.

Bodega EMINA RUEDA Winery

The Emina Rueda is the winery of the Matarromera Group specialising in the development of white and sparkling wines. Located in Medina del Campo, a traditional area for Verdejo wine production, Emina Rueda stands out for its commitment to technology and modernity.


A legendary winery in Ribera de Duero, belonging to the Moro family (Matarromera Group), it carries on the careful processing methods of the past in perfect combination with the latest technology, to produce wines with the highest levels of personality and quality.

Bodega RENTO Winery

RENTO: a signature wine which is produced exclusively from the best vintages, through a delicate process of harvesting and winemaking. The winery occupies a former 18th century Jesuit convent building with a solid brick vault and walls.


The winemaking experience of the Moro family (Matarromera Group) has been extended to the D.O. Cigales, with the creation in 1999 of the VALDELOSFRAILES winery. Its premises are surrounded by vineyards, which mostly grow the main variety of the area, Tempranillo or Tinto Fino.

Bodegas GORDONZELLO winery

The leading winery of the D.O. Tierra de Leon, with more than 25% of its production. An example of innovation and technology, where all the harvest is mechanized, while it has managed to maintain the winegrowing tradition of the area, encouraging the growing of the local varieties.


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