Calle Lanchar, s/n

05620 LA CARRERA (El Barco de Avila) – AVILA

90 km south-west of Avila and 95 km south of Salamanca.

At km 339.200 of the N-110 road (Avila-Plasencia). Coming from El Barco de Avila, turn left before entering La Carrera, towards the recreational area by the Aravalle river.


An artisan factory specialising in producing and packaging honey in the the Sierra de Gredos countryside.

A place to learn countless curiosities about the world of bees.

Veronica, responsible for the visits, ensures a fully entertaining and enlightening experience.

Firstly, on the ground floor, she will explain the manufacturing process and facilities. Upstairs, a small museum exhibits original working tools and information panels. Visitors are also amazed watching several hives, protected by glass.

Then, it will be time to taste two kinds of honey, accompanied by bread and cheese.

Finally, nobody can resist to stop by the shop, where you will find several types of honey and many of its derivatives, as well as other products from the area.

The explanations are always adapted to the interest and profile of the group.


1 hour and 30 minutes.



Adults: €4.50

Children (6-15 years): €3

Groups (more than 20 people, both adults and children): €4

Children under 5: free.


Saturday: 12.00 and 18.00 (17.00 in winter time).

Sunday: 12:00.

Group visits (over 20 people) can be arranged everyday.


60 people.


Individuals welcomed (only on weekends).

Advance notice for groups: 72 hours.


  • To get a teaspoon of honey, a bee has to visit about 2 million flowers. To produce a kilo of honey a bee must have flown the equivalent of three times round the world.
  • Bees usually move 2 km around their hive. If necessary, they can go round up to 5 km. Many of them die of exhaustion.
  • Honey is the only food that does not expire. It is preserved by itself and acts as a preservative.
  • Honey jars were found in perfect conditions in the tomb of Tutankhamun, despite a lapse of 33 centuries.
  • In Ancient Rome the bride’s mother left a jar of honey in the bridal chamber, to recover strength throughout the honeymoon.


Part of the facilities (museum and hives) are only accessible by stairs.

Visitor Parking

Outside the factory there is space for some cars. A few metres down, by the river, there is enough space for all kind of vehicles.


Does your group wish to complete the tour with a delicious meal? LA PICOREA has a nice dining room for 50 people, overlooking the river valley. They offer menus from €13. Please, consult us: rutas@rutasaparte.com

LA PICOREA is located 45 km from Guijuelo, where Jamonturismo, the Cathedral of the Iberian ham.

Bejar, 31 km away, is another interesting suggestion. The Route of the Textile Factories, launched by the Town Council, is a very entertaining experience for the whole family. Discover the local industrial heritage along a pedestrian walkway that runs along the Cuerpo de Hombre river, among groves, dams and waterfalls at the foot of the historic town. The route, illustrated with information panels, includes a visit to the Textile Museum and passes close to ancient and modern textile factories, emphasizing the industrial importance that Bejar has always had. At 6 km from Bejar, Candelario is a pretty historic small town of typical mountain architecture.

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