This is the leading winery of the D.O. León quality label and one of the largest in terms of vineyard extension in the area. Bodegas Gordonzello has a market share of approximately 25% of the total D.O. regulated area, with an average annual production of more than 1.5 million litres and more than one million bottles sold. However, the winery’s main objective is not the volume, but creating a high quality product.

This winery is an example of initiative, innovation and technology. Since 1995, the wine growing has been based on the motto “Passion for the Land and Wine”, so as to become one of the main development engines in the province of León.

The uniqueness of its terroir and the microclimatic conditions of Gordoncillo are the ideal breeding ground for the development of great character grapes. Gordonzello is proud of having recovered the native varieties Prieto Picudo and Albarín, that mean the essence and tradition of an eminently wine-producing land.

The vineyards are cultivated in a remarkable natural setting next to the river Cea. A total of 205 hectares of our vineyards are placed on low trellis so that the plants take full advantage of the sunshine and all tasks and mechanised harvests are optimised. The grapes keep an essence full of aromas, flavours, colours and body. La Viuda, El Jano, El Cervato, Casa Mazo, El Hoyo, El Pichón, La Costana and Calabanzos are the plantation names. These sedimented stone lands are suitable to give great personality to our wines.

Choose your experience:

GENERAL VISIT (individuals and groups of less than 8 people)


Museum of Varieties

A garden of 115 grape varieties from all over the world, among which you can walk and compare one with another at first hand.

Production and ageing halls

As we go through the 47,000 m2 of floor space, we explain, step by step, all the processes from the intake of the grapes to the output of the final product, always focusing on what makes GORDONZELLO an exceptional winery.


A tasting of three PEREGRINO wines, the winery’s flagship label, with Demonination of Origin Tierra de León, including a tasting of local products.


2 hours.


€ 9.


  • In 1995 there were barely half a dozen vineyards left in Gordoncillo, and winegrowing was dying out. That same year, 101 wine growers came together to reconvert the old unproductive vineyards into sustainable use. In 2002 the new winery was set up. Thanks to that, Gordoncillo has definitively regained its winegrowing past.
  • The Prieto Picudo variety has traditionally been used for the production of young and very aromatic pétillant rosé wines. These days, it produces vintage red wines of great quality.
  • The Albarín grape is a sweet, muscatel type, and is very aromatic, with floral and citrus notes. Although usually associated with young wines, it has shown excellent results when aged in the barrel.


Alto de Santamarina, s/n


33 km from Benavente (on the A-6), 60 km from Leon and 90 km from Valladolid.


  • 15 JULY – 31 AUGUST

Tuesday to Saturday: 11.30 am and 6.30 pm


Tuesday to Saturday: 11.30 am and 4.30 pm


  • Because of the temperature of the winery (10-12ºC), we recommend wearing suitable clothing.
  • Comfortable shoes are also recommended.
  • Follow the guide directions in every moment.
  • The entrance in non-authorized areas and accesses is forbidden.
  • Children will be offered some grape juice. The tour is FREE for them.
  • Check availability at (+34) 987758030 or at


  • VINEYARD TOUR. GORDONZELLO offers individual visitors two routes through the vineyards, signed with information boards, for walking, by bicycle or car, aided by a map supplied by the winery. The area has a special scenic beauty, combining traditional crop plains with the banks of the river Cea, which flows past the vineyards along the south.
  • Do you fancy combining wine tourism and sport? Since 2012, GORDONZELLO has organised the popular annual ENTRECEPAS (among the vines) race, which in 2016 takes place on 12 June. After the 10 km route through the vineyards, we offer you a great paella party, followed by a visit and tasting at the winery.
  • GORDONZELLO also suggests that you visit at harvest time, when special visits are organized.

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