Olive Oil: Health and Glory for the Senses


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Coming into Medina de Rioseco on the N-601 from Valladolid, take a turnoff to the right just before you cross the bridge over the river Sequillo. The road is signposted.

Up on the high plains, from the hill where Valdecuevas lies, enjoy a very different landscape of vast horizons, something unimaginable in the big cities.


Olive trees in Valladolid? Well, there are, and they produce one of the best olive oils in Spain. In the heart of the Tierra de Campos arises PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS, the dream of a family who pioneered the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in Castile and Leon.

We offer you a visit to an olive grove of over 150 hectares (c. 350 acres), where you can observe the olive varieties which produce a really special oil, full of fresh and fruity notes; go inside an ultramodern olive oil mill, where truly exceptional olive juice is extracted, and take part in a tasting in which you learn how to differentiate an extra virgin olive oil from one which is not.

A very entertaining and educational tour of the olive groves and the olive oil mill will begin to stimulate your senses, culminating in a unique tasting in a room with panoramic views over the olive groves. Follow us into the inner courtyard, the olive intake room, the processing hall, the storage room, the packaging / bottling hall and finally the tasting room, where you can appreciate the organoleptic characteristics of this jewel of an oil.


1 hour 30 minutes.


72 hours.



ADULTS: € 10


GROUPS (of 15 or more)




Guided tour of the olive groves and the olive oil mill, a promotional video and a tasting of olive oils.

A special gift for our visitors; a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil from PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS.


  • General Blake (Joaquín Blake, who fought against Napoleon’s troops in the Spanish War of Independence) is the inspirational figure for this exceptional designer oil, which has a wide variety of organoleptic notes that evolve in the mouth from the first moment.
  • A fusion of Arbequina, Picual and Manzanilla Cacereña olives creates a unique blend, which you will have the opportunity to taste during your visit to Valdecuevas.
  • The quality of an olive oil is directly related to it being processed in the shortest possible time after picking.


Every day, at a time to be agreed. PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS will arrange with you the exact time of your visit.

Group size

We welcome both groups and individual visitors.


English by prior arrangement.


Accessibility to the olive grove and the olive mill is assured. The tasting room is not suitable, as it is upstairs. In this case, the tasting is carried out in another area of the mill.

Visitor Parking

Tarmac car park in front of the mill.


The access road is unpaved, though wide, for the first 500 metres, after which it is tarmac all the way to the mill (2.5 km). The road is perfectly suitable for all types of vehicles, including buses, or on foot or by bicycle.

Any special equipment needed for the visit is provided by the company.

During the olive picking season (usually the first and second weeks of November) agreed visit times may be susceptible to some changes, which will notify you of in advance.


The visit to VALDECUEVAS is ideal for anyone interested in and curious about the world of extra virgin olive oil, and who wants to explore one of the most innovative olive oil mills. The content of the visit and tasting can always be adapted to your particular interests and group profile (adults, families, schools, professionals etc.).

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