PRESUNTURISMO Iberian Ham (Portugal)


Premium Visit to a ham factory and a tasting-lunch of Iberian produce at Barrancos (Alentejo, Portugal), right on the Spanish border.


Discover the greatest Iberian treasure: pure acorn-fed Iberian ham.


Lugar Eiras Altas

7230 – 999 Barrancos (Beja, Alentejo) PORTUGAL

Right on the Portuguese-Spanish border, 107 km from Evora, 102 km from Beja, 111 km from Badajoz and 158 km from Seville.

The industrial zone is located at the entrance to the town, coming from Évora or Beja.


A good ham requires specialist knowledge based on decades, even centuries, of experience. To this we must add a very special landscape and climate. Pure Iberian pigs and fine pasture are closely allied; in these open oak woods, between Portugal and Spain, the pigs need to feast on acorns during their period of ‘fattening’. Unlike the industrial manufacturing process used for Serrano ham, Iberian cured meats and hams require patience and long, cold, dry winters, as well as the necessary heat of the summer. All this is guaranteed in Alentejo, and especially so in Barrancos, where the Alentejo Porco Preto is king, a name that is designated in Portugal as pure Iberian pig.

PRESUNTURISMO is the tourist and sensory experience offered by Barrancarnes (part of the Julían Martín Spanish group of companies) which has specialised since 1988 in the production, development and curing of Alentejo Porco Preto products. A visit to show you that, as far as ‘pata negra’ is concerned, there are no borders in the Iberian Peninsula.

The factory will offer you a full tour of the facilities where you can see firsthand how the hams and shoulders of acorn-fed pigs are prepared and dried, and how they mature in the storeroom, cultivating flavour and aroma.

You will learn best way to cut ham, with a mini course led by a master cutter who will give a demonstration of his techniques. Then, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it’s time to taste a plentiful selection of 100% acorn-fed produce, accompanied by bread and a good wine. You will not leave hungry!


  • A guided tour (1 hour 30 minutes) which is both educational and entertaining, through all the stages of making the Porco Preto ham, shoulders and sausages (salting rooms, drying sheds and storerooms).
  • Mini-course on how to cut ham (20 minutes), led by one of our factory’s master cutters.
  • A plentiful tasting of tapas, until you have to say ‘enough’! Includes Iberian ham, pork loin, tenderloin (paio) and salami, accompanied by traditional bread, Alentejo regional wine and water.


3 hours.



€ 34


€ 15



  • A 100% Iberian pig consumes 7 kilos of acorn a day. Since an oak produces an average of 46 kilos of acorns a year, each pig needs 1 hectare (approx 2½ acres) of oaks to provide their diet.


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