Admire art restoration from the front row


Alameda del Parral, 1


Situated in Segovia’s old Wadding Factory, in a small square at the beginning of the Alameda del Parral and next to the Monastery of San Vicente el Real.


Sara and Bea, your hosts, are expert art restorers. Both want to introduce you to a profession that, in many instances, is carried out behind closed doors. ConservarArte wants to bring our heritage closer, sharing with you the knowledge of the different processes involved in the enhancement of our heritage. As they show visitors at close hand the traditional restoration techniques, they want to foster an appreciation of the process of creating works of art and of its value.

As soon as you arrive at their workshop, Bea and Sara will give a brief explanation of the profession of Conservator-Restorer, while mentioning some of the most famous and controversial restorations of the past.

Next, you can admire several examples of the works that they have restored, making a tour of some of the more typical Cultural Heritage pieces (canvas, sculpture, objects of industrial heritage and altarpieces). This will be followed by a live demonstration of the restoration of the piece that is in the workshop on the occasion of your visit, with an explanation of the different processes they have already carried out and those which remain to be done.

During your tour of the workshop you will learn about the typical materials and tools that are most commonly used.

Finally, you will take part in a small workshop based on traditional techniques. On a wooden base, you will apply a decoration with egg tempera following the technique and particular ornaments used in Segovian sgraffito. And the best part: you can take your work home with you as a gift.


45 minutes.


7-12 people: € 5

4-6 people: € 10

2-3 people: € 15


  • The Segovian sgraffito technique is frequently found on facades in the city. It is an ornamental technique of Moorish origin, used in the coating of walls, based on the use of two superimposed layers that reveal the artwork when the outer layer is removed.
  • At ConservarArte they will almost certainly tell you about the hasty restorations of the death mask of Tutankhamen, the Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest (El Greco) and, of course, the Ecce Homo in Borja.
  • The pillaging of art has a long history. Even Pliny mentions how the Romans tore off and removed whole friezes from Greek wall paintings.


Monday to Friday: 9.00 am to 2.30 pm.

Saturday: 9.00 am to 2.30 pm.

Saturday afternoons and Sundays, times to be agreed (for groups of at least 6 people).

Minimum group size

2 people.

Saturday afternoons and Sundays: 6 people.

Maximum group size

12 people.

Visits by larger groups can be combined with the adjacent stonecutting workshop run by ALEJANDRO DUQUE.

Advance Notice

48 hours.


Accessible by car up to the front door, if advance notice is given. There are no physical barriers to accessing the workshop.

Visitor Parking

There is a small parking area for private vehicles just outside.

You can get off a bus about 500 metres away.

ConservarArte recommends that you park in the area of the Mint House and take a ten minute walk, during which you can enjoy the green belt of the city, a natural heritage area.


Groups of children must be accompanied by an adult.

The tour is suitable for all types of visitors: families, students, businesses, professionals etc.


We recommend that you bring a camera to take photos inside the workshop and of the surroundings.


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