RUTAS APARTE gets off with enthusiasm and conviction, to offer an original and attractive tourist product, raised from an unconventional approach.

RUTAS APARTE is an initiative of Javier Diaz, Spanish tour operator and official guide, with 15 years of experience in the sector, especially in the management and promotion of cultural, industrial and business tourism.

Our team of official tourist guides provides a personalized service in the main or most curious destinations of Spain and Portugal. We wish to unveil the secrets and curiosities of the cultural and natural heritage of the Iberian countries and, above all, their people.

We provide our clients all the services of a travel agency, with a very special something: a range of tours and visits aiming at discovering the know how and brands made in Spain & Portugal: the creativity and traditions of our manufacturers and craftsmen, the curiosities of our historic and present industrial culture.

For those looking for an adventure deep into the ground, the mines of Puras de Villafranca and Mina Esperanza (Burgos) are the best choice.

If you are interested in discovering how olives become a top quality oil, just in the middle of the Castilian plateau, come to two ultra-modern oil mills, both in design and equipment: Valdecuevas and OliDuero (Valladolid).

Follow the path of sheep milk since its entrance to the factory until getting a ‘laureate’ cheese: that is the proposal of Queserías Laurus (Zamora), a family business that keep alive the tradition and traditional processes.

Are you interested in getting into some traditional handicraft workshops? Alejandro Duque, Conservararte and Cerveza San Frutos are then the right suggestions that should not miss during your stay in Segovia.

Just a lasting expertise in manufacturing 100% acorn Iberian ham and ‘Cantimpalos’ spicy ‘chorizo’ sausage. That is what you can find out when visiting Jamonturismo (Guijuelo), Presunturismo (Barrancos, Portugal) and La Venta Tabanera (Segovia).

When talking about wine tourism, we usually think of standardised tastings and visits. It is not the case for RUTAS APARTE: we stress the uniqueness of each winemaker and his D.O., taking you to ancient historic cellars or cutting-edge architecture sites, surprising wine museums and creative workshops.

Approaching fighting bulls and Iberian pigs as they are bred in the countryside outside Salamanca is a truly original experience, hosted by Faenas Camperas.

Should you need a guided tour in an iconic destination, our expert guides will let you know about every town from a distinctive point of view: the art, history and people, of course, but the most unexplored places and secret data too: all the hidden corners and curiosities that reveal the Iberian innermost essence.

These are just some flashes of the experiences that RUTAS APARTE has prepared for the enjoyment of your senses and to fulfill your curiosity.

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